Becoming Executive

So, as many of you know I have created a business partnered with an incredible company that allows me to earn an income whilst working from absolutely anywhere. 

Last month I achieved my executive status which is the first pin title within the company. 

Lots of people ask why? why do you do it? what do you actually get out of it?

If I’m being honest, I didn’t know what I wanted to get out of it when I first started. I had just been made redundant from my job and I didn’t know where to turn. I decided that I would try something different and see what it was all about. 

My goals were completely different to what they are now. Long term, I wanted to grow the business but at the start I just wanted a bit of extra cash. 

But, once you start and the fire builds in your tummy it’s difficult to stop! 

I now have an amazing team of girls that are consistently supportive to myself and each other. We’re now all friends and only want to push each other further. 

So now I have incredible goals and ambitions set to push this to the next level because why not?

I truly enjoy everything about the business and everyday is in my hands to achieve more.

My favourite part of all this is that you contribute directly to other people’s success. I am truly grateful to everyone that has contributed to mine so far. Uplines, downlines, customers, family and a few friends –My ‘a little bit of extra cash’ has turned into a monthly income and it’s only up from here. 

My ‘business partners’ are now my friends and I cannot wait to meet more like-minded people to ‘work’ with. 

My goals have escalated and I’m now working towards an all expenses paid trip to a private island (wow!)

My free time is now spent being productive and I cannot wait to see how this changes me as a person and helps me to succeed in every other aspect of my life. 

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