Inside My Makeup Bag

Anyone else love routing through other people’s makeup bags to see what they use? 

Since January, I have completely changed my thinking around the products that I use. Before, I would use products that gave me maximum coverage to hide my bad skin. But in fact, all I needed to do was change my skin care routine and start using makeup that was healthy and enhancing. I’ve also become a lot more aware of the products I’m using in terms of animal testing. I never used to check and I guess I was quite ignorant towards it despite my love for animals. The brands that I used to use brutally tested on animals which I personally feel is unnecessary and extremely cruel. 

When you look inside my makeup bag now you will find natural products that do no test on animals

So here goes – 

Advanced Liquid Finish Foundation. A completely water based foundation that gives incredible coverage but doesn’t contain any oil to clog up your pores. 

Advanced Tinted Moisturiser. For every day use when I want incredible coverage whilst moisturising my skin. 

Concealer. This concealer has unreal coverage but is once again, water based.

Finishing Powder. A powder to put on top of your Foundation or Tinted Moisturiser to remove the shine.

Bronzing Pearls. Beautiful bronzing balls that create a bronze glow with amazing highlight. 

Pink Blossom Blusher. The cutest pink colour with incredible highlighter too. 

Makeup brushes. These are the same designer as MAC but I prefer these to any others that I have used. 

Eyebrow Pallette. A handy palette to create insane brows. 

Eyeshadow pallette. A cute range of shades for every day and also going out. 

Eyeliner. The smoothest eyeliner I’ve ever used that lasts all day. 

Nutriol Eyelash Treatment. I use this every night. It stimulates growth creating longer and thicker lashes. 

Curling Mascara. Clump free curling mascara that lasts all day. It naturally curls your lashes and hydrates them.

Eyelash Curlers. Curlers that gently give you lashes a natural curl without ripping them out. 

Replenishing Lipstick. Perfect shades of colour in a lipstick that moisturises at the same time. 

Small mirror. I take this everywhere with me – it’s so handy.

So that’s it. That’s what I use on a daily basis and my skin has never been so good and I always get complimented on my makeup. 

If you want anymore product info please drop me a message. I can get any of the products delivered to your front door, no matter where you are in the world 🌎 

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