Kraków, Poland 🇵🇱

I recently went to Poland and visited the wonderful city of Kraków. What an awesome place!

The central square is beautiful. The buildings are incredible and the colours that you see as you look around are so calming.

There are magnificent horses parading around with traditional carriages. A very touristy way of getting shown around the town! If you want a tour, you’ll get offered at least 50 so you’ll easily get one.

A perfect spot for lunch!

We just strolled around the city, explored the castle, ate Polish food and drank Polish beer really. As well as doing a couple of day trips. We visited Auschwitz (blog post to come about this experience) and the Salt Mines.

The salt mines were such a cool experience! You get given a tour guide and get taken down to the different levels of the mine. I cannot believe that people worked down there in the conditions. And I also never knew that horses worked and lived in the mines?! Definitely worth going to if you’re in Kraków.

I was only in Poland for a few days so I wanted a nice stress free trip. Therefore, I just jumped on a coach to both places mentioned and had everything organised for us! There are other ways that you can do them, but, I personally really enjoyed this way.

I would definitely recommend visiting Kraków and seeing what it has to offer. Awesome place!

and obviously make sure you eat a Polish bagel – yummmmmy!

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