Visiting Auschwitz, Poland 🇵🇱

What an experience. I am going to struggle to put into words how I felt about my visit to Auschwitz.

It’s somewhere that I have always, strangely, wanted to visit. I studied The Holocaust at school a lot and grew an interest in the whole era. I think I was just so baffled as to how humans could be so cruel to other humans. So I went to see it first hand.

It was as disturbing as I imagined. I was with my father and he is very knowledgable which was great because I had a million questions.

To summarise Auschwitz – my tour guide was explaining that one of the Jewish prisoners was a psychiatrist. He woke up one night to a man next to him screaming in his sleep, having a nightmare. But, he made the decision to let him carry on with his nightmare. Because he truly believed that whatever his nightmare was about, it wouldn’t be as horrendous as the reality of being kept hostage in Auschwitz.

If you are interested in the topic or are simply intrigued. Then, go. It’s a harrowing experience and I send love and peace to everyone that was involved.

Tourist Information –

We went on an organised tour which was a coach from Kraków. There are other ways to go (train/bus), however, you’re not allowed into Auschwitz without a tour guide now. So, you have to pay for that anyway. I had a brilliant experience with my English speaking tour guide. For the easiness of a long day, I would definitely recommend doing this.

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